Initial set up of Ingredients

When you add an ingredient you can add extra nutrients and one of these nutrients is Moisture Before Baking

See this article if not sure how to add an extra nutrient.

Using this nutrient, add the amount of moisture in each ingredient as g per 100g. If you leave off this extra nutrient Zubi will assume the ingredient has 0% moisture.

Impact of moisture loss on Nutrition Information for Products

When you build the recipe Zubi will calculate the % Moisture After Baking and put the result in the field above the recipe. 

The initial % Moisture After Baking value will be the total amount of moisture contributed by the moisture in the ingredients, i.e. in ones that have a non-zero value for the Moisture After Baking nutrient.

The Nutrition Information will be calculated using the Nutrients coming from the ingredients. (NB: These values are just for example, they do not apply to a real product, only included to show that they change.)


If you then change the values in either the % Moisture Loss or Moisture After Baking field the Outgoing Weight will recalculate. Alternately, type the known Outgoing Weight for the same result.

And then the calculated nutrition values will change because the product has effectively become more concentrated.

Impact of moisture loss on Ingredient % for Products

When you add a recipe and choose to display % in the ingredient listing the % will apply to the ingoing %. (As seen on Recipe tab). 

If the recipe loses water (via Recipe tab) the % displayed is the outgoing % with the % based on the quantity of the ingredients with moisture lost and the amount of moisture in each ingredient.

Impact of moisture loss on Ingredient Declaration of Water for Products

When an ingredient is declared as "Water" (in the declaration field) Zubi will stop it from being declared in the Ingredient Listing if the water level falls below 5%. This is permitted in the ANZ Food Standards Code. 

If enough moisture is lost in the process of virtual baking and the water content goes below 5% the water will disappear from the ingredient listing.