Adding quantities for nutrients 

When adding a new ingredient, the nutrition tab will show a list of 10 nutrients. This includes the 7 nutrients that are mandatory for products in New Zealand and Australia (in situations where a nutrition information panel must be displayed) plus 3 optional nutrients - energy declared as calories, gluten and dietary fibre. 

Add numbers into the yellow Qty per 100g/ml field and press enter or tab to go down the table after entering values into each field. 

As the nutrition tab functions as a calculator, the energy will recalculate after entering each nutrient. If your information source (eg PIF, package label) lists an energy total that differs from the Zubi calculated total, enter the kilojoules as per your information source after entering the other nutrients. Doing this will override the calculator function.

Adding extra nutrients 

If you would like to add optional, extra nutrients to the nutrition table search for the nutrient using the Find nutrients to add field. A list of nutrients that match the search term will display in the table below. 

Use the green plus icon to add the extra nutrient to the table. 

The nutrient will move into the table and you can then add a Qty per 100g/ml for that nutrient for that ingredient. 

When a nutrient is moved up the current nutrients table it will initially be placed at the bottom of the table. This is so they are easy to locate when you want to add a value against them. Once you move off the nutrition tab the last nutrient will move to the correct order in the list of nutrients.