Search for the ingredient or product you would like to delete. (This image shown is an example of both an ingredient and a product.)

Click on the delete button next to the item you would like to delete.

You will be asked to confirm you do want to delete the ingredient or product. Choose OK if you choose to proceed. 

You also have the option to obsolete the product so you can come back to it later but don't need to pay annual product fees (these are not applicable if you are on a an unlimited account).

If the item you are wanting to delete is connected to another item - for example as an ingredient in a product - Zubi will block you from deleting the item. 

This image (below) shows what you'll see after you delete the product with the ingredient being used.


You could have also just removed the ingredient from the products that use it rather than deleting the product.  

Look here to see how you can find out where ingredients are used (i.e. in which products).

This image (below) shows what you'll see after you have deleted both the ingredient and the product.