In situations where you have a product where you know the recipe (most likely because you make it in-house) AND you are doing a multi-level product then you can use the Split function to remove double-ups within your ingredient listing.

First off you need to create a recipe/product (see here to learn how to make a recipe) and then link that product to convert it into an ingredient (see here to learn how to link).

Here's an example of a multi-level recipe. It's a cake with 3 levels. This is the top level which uses a linked ingredient (Level 2) which was made with another recipe underneath (Level 1). 

You can tell the top ingredient in the recipe is a linked ingredient because it has an i at the end of the code. 


If we open up the top ingredient using the drop down arrow you can see it has sugar and water ingredients that have come through from the Level 2 recipe that was made up with Level 1 (see inside brackets) plus extra sugar and water.

If we look at the Ingredients Listing for this Level 3 product you'll see it is displaying sugar and water multiple times throughout the list.

But if I tick the Split Ingredients box (in Recipe tab for Level 2) the list will be shortened as Zubi will remove double-ups within this level.

And then if I do the Splitting for the Level 1 recipe the list will get even shorter.