To download or view  a label or report for your product you have 2 options.


This option is easiest if you have finished building a product and just want to look at a label and not make further changes.  

Go to the Reporting tab on the home screen and search for the product.

To search for a product you can enter letters, number or words into the search field and then click GO. The search terms can be whole words or just parts of words. 

 To reduce the list of products further use the Refine Search option.

Once you have found the product and pack size required, you need to decide between the Label and Report options.  

The Report format is likely to be one you provide to a graphic designer for retail artwork, as it has field titles and slightly more detail than the Label option. 

Labels are suitable for when you are printing a black and white label, e.g. for Food Service or for over-labels for imported retail products. 

Next, you have the option of Viewing or Downloading the label or report.

If you choose the view (eye icon) option the label or report data that Zubi has calculated will display on the screen. You can then copy and paste the information into another document, e.g. into Word. 

If you choose the Download option Zubi will create a PDF with the data formatted the same way as on the screen and you can open or print the downloaded PDF at your leisure.  


As you build your recipe / product you may want to view the label or report to see what the NIP or Ingredient listing (or other aspects) will look like.

To do this open the NIP/Size tab and head for the view and download icons on the right-hand side.