To search for ingredients to add to your recipe, type search terms into the search box and click GO.  A list of potential ingredients from your ingredient database will display.

If you want to search on the public database of ingredients within Zubi tick the Include Public Ingredients option. Public ingredients are indicated with a globe icon.

Use the green plus ( + ) icon to add the ingredient to the recipe fields above. 

Enter the quantity of the ingredient and choose the appropriate units, in grams, kilograms, litres or millilitres.

Continue to add ingredients and choose the quantity for each. 

Zubi will display the number of ingredients added and the total weight of the ingoing ingredients. 

The out weight will be the same as the in weight unless you overwrite it. You may want to do this if you know the product loses moisture during cooking and you want the nutrition information values to be concentrated. 

Changing the out weight has no impact on the calculated ingredient listing.

Zubi will not be able to subtract more moisture than is present in the ingredients. If you try to, Zubi will show an error notification. 

To avoid this, note the moisture content of each ingredient. Do this by going to the Nutrient tab of each ingredient and adding the additional nutrient Moisture Before Baking, then enter the correct value and click Save.