You only need to use this tab if the ingredient you are entering DOES CONTAIN one of the allergens listed, or you would like to flag that it MAY CONTAIN one of the allergenic substances. Using this tab will ensure that any relevant allergens will appear on a label or report in the Contains statement or May Contain statement located below the ingredient listing.

The MAY CONTAIN option must only be selected following a thorough allergen risk assessment process, such as the Allergen Bureau Voluntary Incidental Trace Allergen Labelling (VITAL®) Program, and the risk assessment indicates that a precautionary allergen label for that allergen is required.


The choices you make in this tab, for this ingredient, will flow through to the products you build later and will be shown as a statement on the label report for the products that use this ingredient.


To indicate that this ingredient contains an allergen click the field that applies to the allergen option you want to note for this ingredient, e.g. contains soy or may contain peanuts.


Contains or may contain?

Allergens marked as contains in this section are those required for mandatory declaration. Refer to Standard 1.2.3. of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (ANZFSC) for further details on the declaration of mandatory allergens.

Allergens marked as may contain are those for declaration in a precautionary allergen label (e.g. May be present). For guidance on determining if unintentionally added (or cross contact allergens) should be declared for a product, refer to the Allergen Bureau VITAL Program

The VITAL Program includes tools to quantify cross contact allergens and uses science-based risk assessments to determine whether the cross contact allergens should be declared. Allergens which are to be declared in a precautionary allergen label (e.g. May be present: XXX) should be marked in the May Contain column on this page.