A public ingredient is an ingredient available for use by all Zubi customers. 

Because these ingredients are for use by any Zubi user, it is not possible to edit the details or attach files.


The public ingredients Zubi has entered are usually single-ingredient items, e.g. sugar, carrot etc. This is because we want to include the ingredient declaration, nutrition information, allergens and warnings for each ingredient. Zubi uses information obtained from the New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Ltd.

Multi-component ingredients (e.g. breadcrumbs, soy sauce) may have ingredient declarations or nutrition information that are related to the recipe of the ingredient. It can also be hard to know which allergens or warnings to display. This is why the public ingredients entered by Zubi are only single-ingredient items.

Some ingredient suppliers (e.g. Bakels NZ) have allowed Zubi to enter their ingredients, some which are multi-component ingredients. This data is based on specifications the suppliers have provided and was correct at the time it was entered into Zubi.


If you use a supplier-specific public ingredient for recipes you build within Zubi it is your responsibility to ensure the data is current.

Although Zubi makes every effort to update the public ingredient data we cannot guarantee it is always current. We encourage you to cross-check it with supplier specifications you have requested.